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EGGS OVER EASY - Black Women & Fertility

A Collaborative Documentary Project - Championed and Lead by Chiquita Lockley

About The Documentary.

The intention of this documentary is to shed light on the ups and downs of
fertility in the lives of Black women primarily as a means of uncovering the
“taboo topic” and sounding an alarm for younger women to be aware of
and proactive in their reproductive options.

As A Woman.

“Across every race, women who deal with infertility often find themselves up
against what the researchers call the “motherhood mandate,” or the idea
that every woman should have children—and those who cannot are somehow lesser women.”

As A Black Woman.

“Research has shown that black women are less likely than white women to seek medical help for infertility, and thus, their struggles are often overlooked by both the media and academic community.”

(Taryn Hillin, 6/10/15)