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ESTROGEN DOMINANCE - The Silent Epidemic

Estrogen dominance, which is the root cause of breast cancer, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, and prostate cancer, to name just a few of its diseases, is the world’s new “silent” pandemic.

Research Into Healing and Natural Cures.

TAMAHRI, in its fight against this potentially lethal condition, has developed a number of natural cures for the numerous diseases associated with, and caused by estrogen dominance.

To this end, TAMAHRI has authored a series of books, lectures and workshops – including the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program – to inform and educate the public, especially those inflicted and affected by the disease, about this colossal breakthrough.

We need your help to raise $10 Million to bring the lectures to every major city in the United States, and then, other key cities around the globe, by securing their best and most accessible venues.

Your donations will allow us, amongst other things, to maximize our audiences by minimizing (and possibly eliminating) the fees for everyone to attend these life-saving and life-changing lectures.

TAMAHRI is comprised of endocrinologists and naturopathic doctors, who are licensed under a Native American tribal government. Our research, formulas and protocols are entirely natural and plant-based and are described legally as dietary supplements. This means we are not pressured, nor do we conform to the pharmaceutical monopoly that controls the rest of the medical industry. This, more importantly, also means that we are not restrained by federal (FDA), state or local government regulations based upon the natural ingredients within our supplements.

One of the unique principals that we as researchers promote, is the continued education of our doctors, who are constantly studying the thousands of white papers released by the world’s leading research scientists in the medical field, so we are fully aware of all the latest medical advancements and discoveries that are most often contrary to the practices of conventional MDs. This education is passed on to our clients, who range from a plethora of different industries, including but not limited to nutritionists, dieticians, physiotherapists, paediatricians, OBGYNs, naturopaths, chefs, restaurateurs, schools and hospitals.

TAMAHRI’s first priority is to our clients. We do not feed or conform to the pharmaceutical monopoly that controls the rest of the medical industry. We research exactly what any given illness, disease or condition is, at its root cause and the multiple ways it can breach and affect the human body, from the minimal to the worst case scenario, with the incentive that we will work towards reversing it. The absolute reversal of disease is our number one priority, and the continued ease of mind is our promise.